Sell theft returns legally.

CARTV market: the procedure

Turn vehicles that have been found again after being stolen into a valuable commodity and sell them in a tamper-proof manner over CARTV market. We will help you sell these so-called “returns” by listing the vehicles with extensive documentation in our salvage portal. This does not require any effort on your part, because our service team performs all tasks and we even take charge of the complete selling process. Best of all: insurance companies, expert organisations and independent experts are not required to pay a licence fee to participate in the CARTV market – only a listing fee is charged.

Step 1: Calculation of the residual value

The vehicle is photographed; all available data is collected, processed and then entered in the CARTV salvage exchange. You decide whether the selling price is to be calculated or whether the vehicle shall be listed at your asking price.

Step 2: CARTV market

Existing highest bids will be used as the starting price in CARTV market. Now the dealers can start bidding on the vehicles – this is their own circle of dealers specialising in theft returns. You decide how long the bidding period shall be.

If the starting price is achieved or exceeded, a binding sale of the vehicle takes place.

Step 3: Outcome and handling

As soon as the starting value has been achieved – in most cases even substantially exceeded – our CARTV service team will assist you and will also handle the sale if required.

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